Sunday, January 11, 2015

Minecraft: Disco-Beacon

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This post describes my first created Redstone-Circuit in Minecraft, to create a beacon with constantly changing colors.

Minecraft – some hate it, some love it. It is a simulated world of bricks on the PC (or mobile phone) which you can modify as you like. When I first tried Minecraft I experienced it as boring. Today, after a second approach trying (and meanwhile buying) Minecraft I found one word which describes Minecraft for me: contemplative. From Wikipedia: “to admire something and think about it” . Fits for me.

My children love it as well. And it was my 8 year old son, who asked, if I could create a disco light. Well, why not:

I already knew the basics of Restone-Circuits. And I already saw impressive Redstone creations like a hard drive within Minecraft. Compared to this my Disco-Beacon is a piece of cake.

I described the circuit at Minecraft Bauideen: Disco-Leuchtfeuer mit Start/Stopp Schalter. Although the description is in German I assume that you can easily rebuild the circuit by just watching the screenshot (or the video) below.

After all it is not much more than some pistons which move glass blocks of different color over a beacon. A so called Redstone repeater delays the signal between the pistons so that eventually the blocks move in a circle.

Such a beacon is perfect to mark your spawn point for example.

Have fun creating it!

Minecraft Disco-Beacon auf YouTube

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